Integrated Campaign Management Platform | Fission Labs

Integrated Campaign Management Platform

The client acquired Fission Labs’ development services to scale up its campaign management platform’s capabilities and strengthen its backend services.

Our engineering team enhanced the platform and delivered a machine learning enabled Demand-side Platform (DSP) to efficiently manage and handle the actions of the mobile advertisers and cross-channel Ad campaigners.

The Business Benefits Rendered

  • The overall project impacted the ROI by 65%.
  • Error rates were drastically reduced by 100%.
  • Robust tracking systems diminished physical human efforts by 95%.
  • The bidding function increased by 95%.
  • Ease of handling of large data improved by 90%.
  • The client’s ROI increased by 60%.
  • Gained fast user action capture rate up to 80%.
  • Machine run-time improved by 80%.

Salient Features of the DSP Platform

Integrated online campaign management platform with ML

Cross-device algorithm to recognize user actions

Programmatic & robust tracking system

And a lot more.