Salesforce Consulting Services

As a Salesforce consulting partner, Fission Labs help clients harness the power of the Salesforce platform and find the best ways to use it to improve their sales and service. Our Salesforce consulting team has a proven track record of helping clients increase revenue, improve productivity, and reduce costs.

Services to Help You Optimize Your Salesforce Environment and Implement Best Practices

Salesforce has been a game changer for many organizations. But there’s often a gap between what Salesforce is able to do in theory, and what it’s able to do in practice. Sometimes, this gap is caused by a lack of clear direction; other times, it’s caused by a lack of expertise in using Salesforce in the best way possible. Fission Labs Salesforce Consulting Services are designed to help close this gap.

We help companies use the Salesforce platform to its fullest potential. We provide a variety of services, including Salesforce architecture and design, Salesforce development, Salesforce training and education, and Salesforce administration and support. Together, we’ll determine the right consulting package to meet your needs and goals.


Strategize digital
transformation journey
  • Defining the scope of implementation
  • Draft a high-level functional & technical architecture
  • Identify priorities and define an MVP, key considerations, risks, &
  • Define an implementation plan
  • Provide expert advice on setting up a CoE, governance model, environment, development methodology and DevOps strategy to accelerate their
    transformation journey.


Expert assessment of Salesforce implementation
  • Gaps in the existing data model
  • Technical debt incurred
  • Recommended business process improvements
  • Recommended changes to user
  • Recommended changes to technical design
  • Recommended changes to Integration design
  • Recommended governance structure


Enterprise class Salesforce solutions
  • Program Management
  • Architecture Oversight
  • Business Analysis
  • Salesforce development
  • Quality Assurance
  • QA Automation
  • Release engineers
  • Integration specialists
  • Data migration specialists


Maintenance of existing Salesforce implementations
  • Dedicated command centre
  • Automated task allocation
  • Strict SLA adherence
  • 24X7 on call support
  • Salesforce Administration
  • Defect - Analysis, triage
    and fixes
  • Release management
  • Enhancement requests

Our Salesforce Implementation Services Outline


Visualforce Webpages

Development, Modification of existing code


Salesforce Mobile

Implementation, Configure, Theming.


Apex Web Services

Scheduled/Batch Apex, Modification of Existing code



Automation & building Processes, Workflows, and Cloud Flows


Lightning Apps

Custom development of business logics & user interfaces


Process Automation

Application Development

Implementation Services



Implementation, Deployment, Transition and Support Services



Classic to Lightning, Other CRMs to Salesforce



Application and processes health checks


Sales & Service Cloud

End-to-End solution



3rd Party API seamless Integrations

Certified Silver
Consulting Partners

The Fission Labs team is certified silver consulting partners with Salesforce. We excel at using the most advanced tools and technology available in the market. We are also committed to the use of stable open-source technology, bringing benefits of cost saving to our clients.

Our Parallel Development Services

As an boutique product development service provider we make your digital journey streamlined and smoother with our other comprehensive development services.

Fission Labs Project Implementation Approach

Think Big

3 DAY - DIGITAL WORKSHOP  |   Product Discovery
  • Organization Vision
  • As is & To be State Analysis
  • Tools, Platforms & Infra Evaluation
  • Data & Integration Points Analysis
  • Flexible & Modular Architecture Design
  • Product Strategy & MVP Design

Start Small

  • Capacity Planning
  • Feature Prioritization
  • Key Modules Development
  • Feedback & Improve
  • Minimum Marketable Product Release
  • Product Strategy & MVP Design

Scale Fast

PRODUCTIONIZATION  |   Improve and Scale
  • Globally Scalable Multi-tenant Product
  • Data & Peripheral System Integration for Single Source of Truth
  • On-demand Scalable Infra
  • Continuous Monitoring & Security
  • Business Process Automation
  • Support & Maintenance (L2 & L3)

Delivery Models to Fit Your Unique Needs

Whether your project demands sequential progress, agile delivery, or rapid application development, we’ve got you covered! Each delivery model is crafted with unique needs and challenges in mind to help you grow faster.

Projects with highly structured, sequential and rigid requirements

Deliverables expected to be a stage-wise development following a single directional process

Its inherent linear structure well applicable for milestone-focused development

Projects with dynamic requirements and incremental delivery process

Deliverables expected to develop through multiple iterations over a timebound sprint

Cross-functional collaboration, frequent communication and early releases are the essentials

Developing a rapid tangible prototype/mockup for idea validation, stakeholder review or attract early-stage funding

Deliverables expected to be components that are independently functional

Consume production-ready platforms to rapidly prototype and test based on user feedback

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