Delivering Tailored Digital Solutions for Healthcare, Pharma & MedTech

Our commitment to innovation and in-depth industry knowledge positions us as the ideal partner to navigate the complexities of healthcare provider, payer, pharmaceutical, and medtech sectors.

Continuous Innovation and Support

Fission Labs fosters an environment of continuous innovation. Our commitment extends beyond the conventional, as we continually seek to redefine industry standards through innovative digital solutions that not only address current challenges but also anticipate and adapt to future trends.

Connect with us today to discover how our comprehensive set of development services can elevate your operations, streamline processes, and position your organization at the vanguard of digital excellence.

Breakthrough Services Delivered Using Latest and Stable Technologies

Fission Labs is not just a service provider; we are your strategic partner in navigating the digital transformation journey of the Healthcare and Life Science industry. Transform your digital landscape with our development services.

Interoperable EHR Solutions
  • Develop seamless Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions.
  • Facilitate data exchange among different healthcare systems.
  • Promote comprehensive patient care and streamlined workflows.
Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Empower organizations with robust telehealth solutions.
  • Implement remote patient monitoring for enhanced patient engagement.
  • Improve healthcare accessibility through innovative software solutions.
Data Security and Compliance
  • Prioritize robust security measures for safeguarding healthcare data.
  • Adhere to compliance standards, including HIPAA and FDA guidelines.
  • Ensure data integrity and confidentiality in alignment with industry regulations.
Pharma and MedTech Research Platforms
  • Accelerate research and development processes.
  • Develop custom software solutions for the pharmaceutical and medtech sectors.
  • Drive innovation in drug discovery and development through advanced data analysis.
Data Driven Decision Support Systems
  • Develop systems empowering informed decision-making.
  • Optimize resource allocation through data analytics.
  • Enhance overall operational efficiency with AI-driven insights.
Integration with Wearable Technologies
  • Monitor vital signs through seamless integration.
  • Track patient activities for proactive healthcare management.
  • Facilitate real-time communication between healthcare providers and patients.
Regulatory Compliance and Quality Assurance
  • Simplify navigation of regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Ensure adherence to industry-specific regulations, including GMP.
  • Implement rigorous testing and validation processes for quality assurance.
Mobile Health Applications
  • Extend reach and engagement with custom mobile health applications.
  • Develop intuitive and user-friendly solutions for proactive health management.
  • Enhance patient experience through innovative mobile healthcare solutions.
Scalable Cloud Solutions
  • Future-proof software with scalable cloud solutions.
  • Leverage cloud technologies for flexibility and cost-effectiveness.
  • Ensure scalability of software infrastructure to accommodate business growth.

A Few of Our Delivered Healthcare, Pharma & MedTech Projects

Decentralized Clinical Trials Platform

Delivered a virtual research platform designed around patient trials to optimize engagement, retention, improve data quality & streamline the operational process for accelerating productive operations.

Supporting 180 decentralized studies across 5000+ clinical trial sites with 300K+ participants

Pathology & Radiology E-learning Platform

Developed a single laboratory information system (LIS) embedded enterprise software solution, powered by best-in-class AI modules, that can be effectively used in clinical case management, remote consultation, education, & research.

Supporting 45,000+ users in 180+ countries

IntegratedTelehealth Platform

Designed a sophisticated omnichannel online telehealth platform, providing a versatile solution that enhances the connectivity & collaboration between healthcare practitioners, patients, & hospitals.

A highly manageable platform that can be owned & managedby a small team.

Real-Time Health Record Monitoring Platform

Delivered an Analytics platform that enables the client in identifying & in managing expecting mothers & infants health records in real-time for low administrative level communities, & countries

1 Million+ expected mothers & infants getting support with the care platform.

Life Science Regulatory Platform

Developed a Regulatory Compliance Management Platform specially designed to cater to the customers in the core medical device regulatory management.

Over 17000 Device Companies are active on the platform.

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Fission Labs Project Implementation Approach

Think Big

3 DAY - DIGITAL WORKSHOP  |   Product Discovery
  • Organization Vision
  • As is & To be State Analysis
  • Tools, Platforms & Infra Evaluation
  • Data & Integration Points Analysis
  • Flexible & Modular Architecture Design
  • Product Strategy & MVP Design

Start Small

  • Capacity Planning
  • Feature Prioritization
  • Key Modules Development
  • Feedback & Improve
  • Minimum Marketable Product Release
  • Product Strategy & MVP Design

Scale Fast

PRODUCTIONIZATION  |   Improve and Scale
  • Globally Scalable Multi-tenant Product
  • Data & Peripheral System Integration for Single Source of Truth
  • On-demand Scalable Infra
  • Continuous Monitoring & Security
  • Business Process Automation
  • Support & Maintenance (L2 & L3)

Delivery Models to Fit your Unique Needs

Whether your project demands sequential progress, agile delivery, or rapid application development, we’ve got you covered! Each delivery model is crafted with unique needs and challenges in mind to help you grow faster.

Projects with highly structured, sequential and rigid requirements

Deliverables expected to be a stage-wise development following a single directional process

Its inherent linear structure well applicable for milestone-focused development

Projects with dynamic requirements and incremental delivery process

Deliverables expected to develop through multiple iterations over a timebound sprint

Cross-functional collaboration, frequent communication and early releases are the essentials

Developing a rapid tangible prototype/mockup for idea validation, stakeholder review or attract early-stage funding

Deliverables expected to be components that are independently functional

Consume production-ready platforms to rapidly prototype and test based on user feedback

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