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Case Study

Workflow Management Platform

Business Challenge

The client is a technology solution company that specializes in Data Entry Automation and Document AI to streamline operations and accounting for enterprises of all sizes. The client approached Fission Labs to create a solution that will enable small and medium businesses to do their accounting and tax filing at the click of a button.

Solution Delivered

Fission Labs’ engineering team created a simplified workflow management platform that aids in completing daily accounting operations related to data entry and data sharing with all relevant parties.

The Business Benefits Rendered

The curated platform is used as a service by Fin-Tech Companies.
Minimized the human intervention in the calculation of service tax.
Significant increase in the employee’s productivity owing to the
streamlined workflow with different accessibility levels. Minimized human errors.

Salient Features of the Workflow Management Platform

Manage timeline for document curation process
Document curation process that supports multiple document sources such as FTP, S3, and S3
Restricted accessibility based on defined user roles
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