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Case Study

Pathology & Radiology E‑Learning Platform

Business Challenge

The client approached Fission Labs to build a web-based platform for healthcare professionals to create and present a combination of whole slide images, radiology images, clinical images PDFs, and documents in a uniquely presentable way.

Solution Delivered

Fission Labs built a single laboratory information system (LIS) embedded enterprise software solution, powered by best in class AI modules, that can be effectively used in clinical case management, remote consultation, education, & research.

The Business Benefits Rendered

Operating as an open public library of whole slide images
125 Terabyte of data
40,000+ users in 180+ countries

Salient Features of the Platform

The zero-footprint agnostic pathology & radiology viewers allow users the ability to browse cases.
Create, analyze, collaborate, and share, preclinical & clinical studies.
Easy workflow for medical authors to custom develop their own books, chapters, or sections with interactive annotations.
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