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Case Study

Multi Device IoT Communication Platform

Business Challenge

As the adoption of voice-based smart devices is increasing in households, the client was looking to provide a voice Interface to all the configured devices. An Android TV application, a Mobile application & a custom WiFi-enabled IR-emitting device to be used to communicate with the configured devices & to browse content on the TV.

Solution Delivered

Fission Labs engineering team built a Voice integration service using cutting-edge cloud-based technologies. Our team utilized Amazon Alexa skills, Google Actions & Android TV to provide a voice-enabled multi-channel interface to interact with devices.

The Business Benefits Rendered

Awarded investment of around 50M from Alibaba in series D.
Insights provided, helped the client not only in user retention but also in increasing their user base exponentially to 120 million +.
User­ specific targeting for multiple business campaigns.

Some Salient Features of The Platform

Multi channel communication between the user & the devices.
Disambiguation in a multiple device environment through device prioritization.
Context awareness for the user commands.
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