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Case Study

IOT-Driven Fleet Management Platform

Business Challenge

The client is a leading logistic service provider that wanted to revolutionize the industry with disruptive technological implementations for faster and more efficient operations.

Solution Delivered

Fission Labs’ engineering team delivered a scalable, intelligent, and data-driven fleet management platform to deliver peak efficiency.

The Business Benefits Rendered

Prediction of pickup time and delivery time accuracy improved by 2X.
Reduction of costs incurred due to idling, lack of efficiency, resource underutilization.
Idle time between trips decreased to a minimum by algorithmic assignment of tasks.
Reduced cases of fuel theft and pilferage across the fleet.
Improved the time taken per trip by ensuring peak vehicle health at all times and forewarning drivers to avoid breakdowns.

Salient Features of the Fleet Management Platform

Capturing and storing all sensor data in an easily searchable database
Automating allocation of driver and vehicle pairings using an algorithm learning from past route performance to maximize route efficiency
Tracing driver, vehicle, trip start and trip ends to ensure complete accountability
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