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Case Study

Hospital Management & Analytics Platform

Business Challenge

Our client collaborates with top oncology experts, cancer research, and treatment institutions and sought Fission Labs' technical aid for the following tasks: developing an admin application with client/domain/avatar/tenants and associated permissions, establishing and overseeing permissions for multiple users and user groups, and enhancing application performance by efficiently managing vast hospital/avatar data sets.

Solution Delivered

Fission Labs' team successfully developed and delivered two applications. The Analyst app facilitates experts with scorecards, reports, performance tracking, case prioritization, payment status, survey searching, analyst task sheets, and case tracking. Both Admins and Analysts use this app to manage daily activities and track cases. On the other hand, the Admin App serves as a centralized backend application, leveraging the Django framework, and caters to multiple internal applications. Its functionalities include designing dashboards, graphs, and analyzing numerous avatars and applications. Additionally, it manages the entire process from patient onboarding to generating final reports, incorporating opinions from experts and MDs.

The Business Benefits Rendered

The platform operates day & day out as a tool for cancer diagnosis & oncologist assignment guide in USA & India.
It is tied up with multiple NGOs & organizations to ease up the cost & treatment solution.

Salient Features of the Platform

The application dashboards enables the users/the admin to perform feasible day to day operations.
The application enables in keeping complete track of patient onboarding to the report generations.
The application enables management & tracking of the Experts/ MD’s handling cases..
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