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Case Study

AI Based Object Volume Estimator

Business Challenge

Our client who operates in the space of offering unique storage options to residents of multifamily properties, reached Fission Labs with an application requirement that would enable users to capture the volume of the object using mobile devices eliminating the need of any manual measurement.

Solution Delivered

Fission Labs engineering team built an AI-based object volume estimation solution for our client in the storage industry. The application allows users to get the volume of an object just by capturing a 360-degree video of the object using any mobile device.

The Business Benefits Rendered

The application offers an comprehensive photo inventory system, which provides users with a clear view of everything they've stored with the client.
On average, the users save 40% a month compared to traditional storage as they only pay for the space they need.

Salient Features of the Platform

The volume estimation feature works across all platforms.
The estimations are not affected by change in lighting conditions.
The objects in the background are automatically detected and removed using several algorithms.
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