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Case Study

Advertising Sales Automation & Workflow Platform

Business Challenge

The client wants the local advertisers to be able to use advanced automated marketing technology just like the big brands who can afford the overhead of stitching together disparate systems.

Solution Delivered

With “Configure, Control & Accelerate” as its core elements the Fission Labs team migrated a tightly coupled Code igniter PHP application to Angular Framework with a scalable & configurable Workflow system. This allowed the client to onboard new partners with different media offerings in a short span of time.

The Business Benefits Rendered

A configurable system that makes it economical for small advertisers to use advanced automated marketing technology.
A system with the ability to efficiently manage the complexity of media sourced from a large number of disparate and ever-changing supply sources.
A configurable workflow that enables companies to sell, execute, deliver, optimize, and report on a differentiated multi-channel solution.

Salient Features of the Advertising Sales Automation & Workflow Platform

A data-rich interest engine that drives targeted results
A powerful suite of planning tools to build plans that outperform the competition
Seamless integration with all third-party products & O&O digital
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