Keep Your Enterprise Data Confidential With AWS

April 16, 2021

Data is considered to be the digital gold in the modern era. It fuels almost every decision made and process carried out by an organization. Whether it is details about your customers, your financials, or any other information directly or indirectly relevant to your business, the database you possess is an important asset that should be taken seriously.

However, increased digitization has increased the threat to data privacy and data security. It is more important to keep your database safe now than it has ever been.

Before getting into the data security challenges and the role of AWS in data security, let us briefly understand what data security stands for.

What Is Data Security?

Data security is the process of protecting your digital database and making sure that it is not misused, stolen, or accessed by an unauthorized individual. It involves practices like data encryption, tokenization, hashing, etc. that help an organization safeguard its database at all levels.

The intangible nature of digital data makes it prone to misuse and theft. The smallest irregularities can have dire implications on an organization if their database falls prey to a scam or is mishandled by the team. This makes it important for businesses to adopt robust data security measures and keep their data safe.

Data Security Challenges In Cloud Computing

As cloud computing involves storing your data in data centers that are common to several internet users across the world, it is important to be double sure about data privacy and security.

Here are some of the key challenges faced by organizations when it comes to cloud computing:

Losing Your Data

One of the most common challenges faced by businesses while cloud computing is data loss. When a single cloud platform is available to multiple end-users, the chances of losing valuable data are high. Whether data files are deleted by accident, passwords are shared with unauthorized personnel, or the concerned platform is run on a device without passwords, data loss is a challenge that keeps lurking on organizations handling a digital database.

Data Breach

As opposed to on-premise environments where a dedicated IT team has control over your network infrastructure, cloud computing gives this control to third-party entities. This often makes cloud platforms prone to data breaches. If a cloud environment is vulnerable, hackers might break into your database and steal/misuse your valuable data.

Internal Threats

These are the threats caused by your internal team, intentionally or unintentionally. Such a situation may arise due to a lack of data security awareness or phishing activities, which make your employees divulge sensitive information about your organization.

DDoS Attacks

The Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are the cyberattacks designed to flood the web servers of an organization with excessive traffic, making them unresponsive for several hours (or even days). This results in the organization not being able to take requests and provide services to their customers, resulting in loss of revenue and credibility.

How Can AWS Help In Addressing These Challenges?

Amazon Web Services are designed to help you ensure the utmost security and privacy of your database by working on a cloud computing environment that is highly secure and flexible. The network infrastructure provided by AWS data centers makes sure that all your identities, valuable information, devices you work on, and applications you use are protected from external and internal threats.

On availing of AWS data security services, you can meet the core compliance and security requirements with scalable services and extensive features. Moreover, these services allow you to automate security tasks so that your team can focus more on growing your business. AWS makes sure that the users are provided with layered data security and ease of deployment.

Here are some of the key AWS data security tools that help you keep your enterprise data safe and sound:

1. GuardDuty

GuardDuty is a dedicated threat detection service, readily deployable within your system. It helps you analyze all the available logs in your system pertaining to different accounts and services, making sure that no data is missed out from being protected.

This tool is designed to detect activities that are related to account compromise, instant compromise, and reconnaissance. Although it does not allow you to write your own custom alerts, it lets you remediate alerts through AWS Lambda and integrate the same into CloudWatch to make it easier for you to keep a watch on your data.

2. AWS Shield

This is a DDoS data protection tool that is designed to protect EC2, CloudFront, Load balancers, Global Accelerator, and Route 53 resources. According to Amazon, 99% of all the infrastructure flood attacks spotted by AWS shield are resolved within a second on CloudFront.

3. CloudWatch

As the name suggests, CloudWatch is a monitoring tool for AWS. It can be used for inserting events, logs, and metrics across your cloud data infrastructure to obtain visibility into everything that is going on within your system.

As CloudWatch can be integrated with GuardDuty, it can be used to obtain a good amount of surrounding information, making it easier for users to detect and mitigate potential threats.

4. AWS Inspector

AWS Inspector is a security assessment tool that allows you to undertake vulnerability and best-practice scanning for all your AWS applications. As the AWS security team ensures consistent upgrades and development, the system administrators get constant improvement updates regarding data security. Also, this should help you rest assured that AWS Inspector is always up to date.

5. Macie

Macie is a fully managed data protection tool, developed using machine learning technology. It helps users to keep track of the data access trends and finding anomalies for identifying data leaks as well as unauthorized access to your enterprise data. It has a provision to send all the alerts to CloudWatch for leveraging process automation and sending custom alerts.

Secure Your Enterprise Data Now!

Make sure that your enterprise data is always protected and safe from unauthorized access by implementing AWS with Fission Labs. We understand how important it is to safeguard sensitive organizational datasets and the implications of the data being misused.

Our team of experts helps you adopt data security measures that best suit your needs and guide you in maintaining data stealth in a way that the shield is impossible to break!

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