Fission Labs is now an Advanced Consulting Partner of Amazon Web Services

August 30, 2019

Cloud computing has been providing enterprises with the ability to bring their products to the market more quickly and networked backups provide protection from losses due to hardware failure. Moreover, cloud computing helps enterprises in saving their costs by eliminating the need for physical servers. We, at FissionLabs, are always moving towards excellence when it comes to providing the best services to our clients.

That’s why we partook in the partner program of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Looking at the demand for efficient cloud services, we ventured into the cloud space to find out the best among them and for more reasons than one, Amazon Web Services stands out. It’s by far, the most innovative of the cloud-based services available in the industry.

Hosting tribunal reports that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leading cloud vendor with a 32% share in the market. It not only makes it easy to unify all the processes within an organization but also saves the variable costs associated with heavy IT infrastructure.

What does it mean for FissionLabs?

In a sentence, it means we have grown even more skillful at incorporating cloud services into our clients’ businesses. We have grown as a company to include more AWS certified individuals and a host of satisfied clients since we began our partnership with AWS.

Our team of cloud management experts design and deploy AWS services to enhance productivity and improve business processes with minimal overheads, costs, and manual efforts. From advisory to operations, we take a holistic approach to transform businesses. Fission Labs is an AWS partner for the following programs:

  • AWS Service Delivery Program
  • AWS Managed Service Program

So far, only a small percentage of total partners have been promoted to the Advanced Consulting Partnership. This reflects the amount of effort we have put in and the expertise and skills we have acquired to bring ourselves on par with the global standards.

AWS enables us with advanced technical services from archiving, backup/restore, blockchain, and business applications to content delivery and database migration. We will also have AWS’s cloud computing at our disposal for faster and more reliable applications.

What does it mean for our customers?

Since its inception in 2004, AWS has become the prime web services or cloud computing solution for enterprises around the globe. AWS partners have been using deep learning and other services to make their applications more robust and responsive. It has helped provide agility to the software products and made them scalable.

The benefits that we saw in the applications developed using AWS are groundbreaking. We were able to reduce the AWS spend of our clients by 50% while increasing the performance by as much as 95%. It also helped us resolve user issues, increasing their user base by about 90%. These are not small numbers and we believe that being an advanced partner now and having access to even more services than before, these numbers will only increase.

This partnership will allow us to develop applications for our clients that are highly failure resilient and websites that have lower latencies. Combine them with the flexible storage of AWS and what results is a high-performance website/mobile application developed exclusively for your business or enterprise.

Fission Labs is a cloud application development services provider helping enterprises build their next big product. Our expertise in Cloud, AI, Big Data, IoT, and Machine learning allows us to deliver scalable solutions that address the core business needs whether it’s for web or mobile application. "Interested" Get a free AWS demo now Contact

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