Fission Labs Engineering Excellence Shines on the National Stage!

May 16, 2024

Fission Labs' engineering excellence takes center stage! We're thrilled to congratulate our teams who participated in the Build for Bharat Hackathon by ONDC.

Fission Labs Teams Tackle Diverse Challenges:

  • Index Voyagers bravely tackled the complex challenge of 'Catalog Indexing'.
  • Another dedicated team, Team OSM, focused on creating innovative solutions for 'Open Street Maps'.

Index Voyagers Makes the Finals!

We're particularly thrilled that one of our teams, Index Voyagers, has taken it further. Their solution for 'Catalog Indexing' has been selected as a finalist from a pool of thousands. Their innovative approach and hard work truly exemplify the exceptional talent within our product engineering team.

Congratulations to both teams for showcasing their talent and bringing Fission Labs' tech excellence to the spotlight.

Leadership Team @Fission Labs

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