TensorFlow: Bringing the Power of AI to Every Business

March 23, 2021

The prominence of artificial intelligence and machine learning has increased substantially over the past few years. Notably, statistics show that the number of businesses using AI technology has increased by 270% over the last four years. Whether it is automating repetitive processes, predictive analysis, or making sense of the seemingly complicated database, AI and ML have brought about a big change in the way business processes are carried out.

Adding to the benefits of artificial intelligence services and advanced machine learning solutions availed of by businesses across the board, Google provides you with a smart machine learning framework – TensorFlow.

What is TensorFlow?

TensorFlow is an open-source machine learning framework by the Google Brain Team that allows businesses of all sizes and scales to build smart web applications having AI and ML functionality. In simple words, TensorFlow provides you with a free neural network that can be utilized to automate processes and building applications that suit your specific business needs.

It allows developers to exploit the power of artificial intelligence for developing and deploying customized applications, ensuring enhanced user experience and improved task efficiency. TensorFlow can be written in languages like C++, Python, and CUDA with a provision for other languages like Swift as well. The open-source framework can be used for research purposes and building commercial applications that provide users with the analytics capabilities of humans and the precision of a machine.

TensorFlow: How Does it Work?

TensorFlow works using different data layers called nodes. These layers help developers to trigger an appropriate response and bring about a suitable outcome for a specific action. The powerful Python front-end framework provides developers with a programming abstraction, hiding unnecessary complicated details from the users. This makes TensorFlow easy to use for businesses belonging to any industry across the world.

The framework was developed to make the AI and ML functionality popular across the globe, allowing the majority of businesses to optimize their processes. The working of these technologies is inspired by the way the human brain works. Just like a human brain makes sense of inputs like light, sound, color, touch, and smell to form unique associations, an AI framework makes sense of the data fed to the system to establish valuable conclusions.

Moreover, as an AI framework is used more and exposed to more datasets, just like a human brain it starts recognizing patterns, comparing structures, and analyze specific circumstances to provide valuable insights to the users. In short, businesses can use the framework of TensorFlow to provide machine learning solutions by undergoing the following steps:

  1. Building the app model.
  2. Feeding it with relevant input data.
  3. Training the model to perform specific processes.
  4. Testing the model (preferably using dummy data).
  5. Deploying the application model.

Applications of TensorFlow in AI and ML

In 2021, the scope for artificial intelligence services and machine learning solutions is huge. If utilized well, almost every sector of every industry can use these technologies to take their processes a notch higher. Here are some of the key applications of TensorFlow in different industries:

Providing Personalized Employee Support Using Conversational AI

Seamless employee support is the key to higher employee engagement. Using conversational AI within your service desk allows you to provide personalized solutions to the issues raised by your employees. This can be done by employing AI chatbots that scan the enterprise knowledge base, understand the context of the questions asked, and provide answers that are unique to the concerned employee.

Fraud Detection

Especially in the banking and finance sectors, the need for smart and automated fraud detection is undeniable. Using an AI and ML framework for pattern detection helps you identify the smallest irregularities in the transactions carried out on a daily basis that may bypass the human eye.

Personalized Services by Medical Institutions

Advanced predictive modeling can be used for predicting treatment paths and diagnosis in a personalized way for different patients. By tracking historical data and making sense of the past treatments and/or medications availed of by specific patients, medical institutions and healthcare centers can streamline their services using a framework like TensorFlow.

Making Stock Price Predictions

Based on the history of a stock’s performance, the current stock market trends, and the collective sentiment associated with the concerned stock, AI and ML functionality can help you make valuable stock price predictions and guide you towards a more favorable path.

Major TensorFlow Use Cases

Image Recognition

The image recognition algorithm of TensorFlow allows an application (or a model) to recognize specific objects, faces, colors, and shapes based on the data fed to it. This can be used by financial organizations for carrying out digital KYC of their customers, architects for creating virtual models, and healthcare providers to review scans.

Text-based Applications

The framework of TensorFlow can be used for leveraging text-based applications, especially through the algorithm of language detection. It can be used in CRM platforms and employee help desks for sentiment analysis, allowing users to understand the sentiment behind messages posted by a customer or an employee.

It can be used by online news portals to summarize an article and create a suitable headline. Also, language detection can be used by legal entities to simplify the jargon within a document to make it easier for clients to understand.

Voice or Sound Detection

The TensorFlow framework can be effectively used in sound-driven applications to enable voice search, sentiment analysis (replacing text as discussed above by voice), detecting a flaw in engines (for automotive and aviation sector), and many other applications where the system is required to assess the input of a sound.

Increase Business Agility with TensorFlow

If you are willing to implement TensorFlow within your organization and make the most of the AI and ML technologies, Fission Labs will help you develop scalable and customizable applications through optimum utilization of the framework. We will ensure that your machine learns all that it needs to and acts as a valuable employee! All you need to do is book a free consultation session with our experts today.

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