Role of Dark Mode to Boost Engagement in Mobile Applications

December 18, 2019

Earlier this year, with the launch of iOS 13 and Android Q we saw dark mode being touted as a key functionality for both platforms. Other than making it more comfortable for users to use their phones at night, the functionality has a host of benefits when it comes to user experience.

However, the main benefit of Dark Mode is to reduce Digital Eyestrain, this is especially important in an era when we spend most of our day engrossed in front of a digital screen. Regular exposure to white light can cause everything from headaches, blurred vision, neck pain, stress and more.

Here’s are the ways in which using Dark Mode during mobile application development helps drive up engagement and improve user experience in apps.

Protects Eyes especially during Long Usage Sessions.

Usage sessions, especially social apps such as Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook are going up. People are spending hours on end staring into their mobile screens and being exposed to white light.

This round the clock usage can wreak havoc on melatonin production which is needed for a healthy sleep cycle. The dark mode helps reduce the negative effects of white light.

Helps increase Battery Life.

New OLED screens that have the dark mode function have been observed to save almost 60% energy as compared to regular mode even at 100% brightness. This is because the Dark mode has a majority of the screen space blackened out and these pixels need not be lit up.

Hence as a lower number of pixels are lit up, the battery used up is also reduced. As almost all Android devices use OLED screens, this is a major differentiator for most handsets.

Gives Designers better Contrast and Palette to Play with.

When apps have a dark background, designers have more opportunities to play with colors and shades. Black backgrounds help reinforce striking visuals and make any visual stand out and color pop.

It is also a better choice for visual hierarchy, the elements are cleaner and crisper on a black background as opposed to a white one. This is especially the case where vivid visuals have to be used such as in an entertainment or gaming context.

Gives a perception of Gravitas and Elegance.

When it comes to dark backgrounds, they are usually associated with elegance and mystery and evoke these emotions in the user. This is why black is used to communicate graveness, formality, prestige and even power. Using this perception to one’s advantage can help brands evoke positive responses and build trust amongst users.

Gives Users a Choice.

Users love choice, and providing users with the option to switch to night mode is something every app should have by default. Users can switch between the day and night mode based on the time of the day, the level of usage, the strain on their eye amongst a range of other factors. This choice can factor into the everyday usability of the app especially if the user is sensitive to blue/white light For More Information Talk to Our Experts.

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