How to Choose the Perfect Data Analytics Partner for Your Business?

July 13, 2020

“Be strong enough to stand alone but be smart enough to ask for help when needed”, Any person or business cannot do it all alone. Outsourcing a professional company with abundant expertise proves to be a smart choice.

Businesses are very good at collecting information about their competitors, customers, and also about new trends in the market. But they are failing at analyzing the said information and taking informed decisions.

This is where data analytics comes into play and is helping them make future-minded decisions. According to the Forrester Business Report, insights-driven businesses are growing at an average of more than 30% each year, and by 2021, they are predicted to take $1.8 trillion annually from their less-informed peers.

But businesses keep struggling to leverage data analytics fully and often choose to outsource a company that can help them.

How to choose the perfect data analytics partner?

Choosing the right partner to manage and analyze your data is very critical. Further, you can choose the perfect partner by doing the right groundwork and asking the right questions, emphasis on doing, and asking.


Seems like a simple question but it is important to know how well versed the partner is in all things data analytics. Data analytics is a crucial part of studying and analyzing your data to help you understand its inherent value.


There are many generic companies/partners in the market that provide you the assistance without any prior knowledge of data analytics or your business, which is a waste of time and resources for you. So it is important that they understand every nook and cranny of your business well.

The partner should be able to ‘get you’ that understands all the protocols and pain points that are unique to your business. Ask them for their previous case stories and if they have worked for someone similar to your niche.

Scalability and Customization:

Leveraging data analytics usually means huge investments and equally huge returns. So it is wise to choose a company/partner who is capable of providing solutions that can be scaled up without any hassles in the future.

Sometimes software or any solution provided by some partners is template-kind in which they are to use in a certain way. This might become a problem over time for businesses that choose the pre-designed software. Hence, apart from scaling you need to choose a company that can provide customizable solutions.

Impeccable Service and Support:

Any user doesn’t know what and when the stored data is wanted. This brings up the need for uninterrupted service and 24/7 support. Hence, look for a partner who can provide you with continuous support and service.

Services and support

Choose a partner that will stay with you from the start i.e., from accessing your business, to finding a cost-reliable solution and finally implementing it perfectly. Also, a vendor needs to prove a concept that is the solution they provide should be authentic and previously proved to be a success. With a strategic partner by your side, you’ll have the needed support and it grows as your business grows.

Finally, the vendor should be ready to transfer their knowledge to your team. When you approach a partner and commit to them, you should discuss your staff training goals and come up with a knowledge transfer protocol.


Your partner should be as serious as you are when it comes to security aspects. Their solutions should be compliant and accept all the general rules and regulations. The provider should be competent enough to face all the challenges of your business and provide flexible, secure solutions.

You should ensure that the partner you choose must provide a world-class level of security along with data protection.


Iron-clad Reputation:

Though reputation or longevity for that matter is not that important. But for finding a trusted partner you cannot leave any stone unturned and choosing a company that has built itself some name in the market is not a waste of time, in fact, it will give a boost of confidence.

Additionally, look for customer testimonials and some well-known companies should be present in their portfolios.

Permanent relation, not just a temporary one:

Find a strategic partner for life that provides you lifelong support rather than just providing technology. A partner should work with you after the sale and beyond to provide ongoing support. The bottom line is to choose a partner who gets you, your vision, and face all the challenges alongside you, providing full support.

Finally, analyzing data is a huge task and is quite challenging. So, you need to be vigilant and thorough while selecting a partner to manage and provide value to your data. Businesses across the globe are leveraging data analytics to make data-driven decisions and according to Forbes, more than 55% of companies in the USA are using big data analytics to process and manage their data.

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