A Smart Approach to Business Continuity During the Pandemic Lockdown

April 9, 2020

The growing uncertainty over the COVID-19 pandemic across the globe has made the world come to a standstill. People all across the globe are being asked to stay indoors and many countries are under strict lockdown. Businesses have suffered from a significant impact on revenues. B2C businesses are the most affected ones because of the unfortunate event.

B2C giants like Amazon have also felt the shock but recovered well by mitigating operational challenges with smart use of its online platform and through contactless delivery of products. For B2C businesses, the need to digitize and to go online is stronger than ever before. B2B businesses have suffered too and have lost key projects or facing delays in projects.

To take care of the health & safety of employees which comes first and at the same time ensuring business continuity, companies have allowed and provisioned employees to work from the safety of their homes. Businesses that are into development of software applications for web and mobile platforms both in B2C and B2B space are struggling.

With lower cash reserve levels than normal times and with less time available to invest in interviews or training, the need for deploying a project ready workforce is more critical than ever before. Businesses are looking for an immediate solution to the problem that can help their purpose until the pandemic situation gets better and life moves towards normalcy so that they can resume their normal operational mode.      

The good news for businesses who are looking for similar short term engagement during this difficult period. Fission Labs an India based offshore software application development service provider is offering support through a unique remote team service offer. This offer allows businesses to avail short term remote development services with no minimum contract period obligation or as commonly known as the lock-in period.

Fission Labs team believes this support should help businesses get through these difficult times without any hassles and will allow them to ease off the partnership whenever they are ready. Businesses can learn more about the Fission Labs short term engagement service with zero lock-in period by either submitting the interest through the contact us page on the website or by writing to info@fissionlabs.com.

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