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Development Tools:

Our mobile application development team stays updated with the latest releases in development and technologies to bring out the best in your mobile application. Their expertise in the various languages and frameworks help them build an app that perfectly meets your needs.

Tech Stack

Languages: Kotlin, Java, Dart, Swift, Objective-C, JavaScript
Frameworks: iOS, Android, React Native, Flutter
Databases: Realm, SQLite, Firebase

Progressive Technologies:

With a watchful eye on the advancement of relevant progressive technologies, our team of experts provides you with the distinction of staying ahead of the curve.

Tech Stack

Cloud: Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Jenkins, Docker, Bitrise
Automation: Espresso, JUnit, Robotium, Appium
AI & ML: Dlib, OpenCV, TensorFlow

Our Mobile App Development Services Include:

We plan and outline the architecture of your application based on your specific needs using design methodologies and tools like:

  • Android - MVVM, MVP, MVC
  • iOS - MVVM, MVP, MVC, and Viper
  • Dependency injection - Kodein, Dagger
  • Event mechanism - Event Bus
  • Application Logging & Error monitoring
  • CI/CD code pipeline & App distribution

We integrate your applications to specific devices for custom implementations that meet your unique requirements.

  • Health & fitness (Apple watch, Spirometer, Fitbit) based devices SDK integration to mobile apps
  • Validic SDK integration to access all the fitness devices data
  • OpenCV camera integration for documents scanning

We build mobile applications that can be easily integrated with IoT devices for remote control and device management.

  • External Devices integration like Sensor Tags, Beacons
  • AWS Things - Managing devices
  • Remotely control the home appliances (AC, TV, Fan, Bulb...)

Our team of experts builds SDKs for your mobile application that helps in building a singular installable package for your app.

  • App Development using Custom Framework and Libraries

Protect the data and information stored in your application with multiple security tools and best practices used by our experts.

  • AES 256 encryption to save data
  • Database encryption & decryption (SQLCipher)
  • Source code obfuscation
  • Token-based authentication
  • Encrypted and private file management
  • Security with HTTPS and SSL
  • Android Keystore & iOS Keychain
  • OAuth, SAML authentication

Make it easier for your mobile app to be accessed, shared, or downloaded on the web with internet-friendly API integrations.

  • Social networking integration
  • Chatting service integration
  • Google Maps integration
  • Payment Gateways integration
  • Serverless integration using AWS services like Amplify
  • AWS Cognito authentication

We build custom notifications for your mobile applications to help you stay alert on the status of your mobile applications and alert any noteworthy changes.

  • AWS Notification Services
  • Azure Notification Services
  • FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) Services
  • APNS (Apple Push Notification Services)

With the best tools and practices available out there, we ensure total quality control during development and deployment.

  • Unit testing
  • UI automation testing
  • Appium & Robotium
  • Jenkins, Bitrise, and AWS code pipeline
  • Firebase App distribution
  • Keystore & certificates for App signing
  • Google Play Store & Apple App Store

Custom Made Mobile Apps Across Platforms


Android is the most popular platform by market share with close to 80% of mobile devices worldwide running on it. Our developers are proficient in Dev- tools, IDE, and languages such as Android Studio, HTML, CSS, Google Material, Java, and Kotlin. This enables them to create spectacular Android apps that offer support and run seamlessly on multiple Android OS versions.


Getting your app accepted on the App Store is a feat in itself. App Store has a number of specifications and rules that apps on the platform have to adhere to and novice developers often end up failing to meet the standards. Our team has extensive experience developing for the iPhone and iPad. They are proficient with the full suite of Apple developer tools (Xcode, Cocoa Touch, Objective C) that helps them churn out performance-oriented, interactive, and Quality-rich iOS apps on demand.

Hybrid &

Why develop everything twice when you can develop at once for both Android and iOS. When costs, timeline, and manpower are important concerns, a cross-platform strategy works the best. We use cross-platform frameworks efficiently to ensure that the code is reusable to make development faster and more cost-efficient.

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