Scalable Cloud Applications

We're ready to grow when you are. Whether you're growing from dozens to hundreds, or hundreds to millions, our nimble applications are built with expansion in mind.

We recognize the dynamic nature of your business and recognize your needs can change from day to day.

Data Analytics

We use big data solutions to anticipate and react to your needs. From back end to front end, we can create and maintain environment, even when it feels like you may be growing uncontrollably.

Web and Mobile Applications

Our apps are built from the ground up to work on an ever-evolving array of devices. We utilize scalable, responsive-based layouts to ensure your apps work seamlessly on any platform, even ones that haven't been released yet.

Cloud Management

Our 24/7 support staff constantly tunes and improves performance for each client. Our staff will ensure that you're fully operational at any hour of the day.

Testing Services

We offer end-to-end test Automation services to accelerate our client product development. Our fully equipped mobile testing lab and mobile test automation framework ensures your app works everywhere for everyone as intended!.

What People are Saying

We're not ashamed to say we love the accolades. Here's what some of our clients had to say...

Fission Lab's responsible, friendly, and competent team was a pleasure to work with. They are eager to jump in when there are hard problems even if it is in middle of a project. I certainly recommend them as a dependable outsourcing outfit that are capable of becoming an integral part of your core team.

Amir Zarkesh, VP Engineering

Fission Labs has been remarkable in their ability to develop against difficult requirements on short timelines. They have kept pace with our local rapid development schedule, with high quality results. Fission Labs became an extension of our team.

Markus De Shon, Founder and Principal Threat Scientist
E8 Security Inc.

Fission Labs has been an incredibly valuable partner, developing very high quality server side applications under very tight time frames. They have been very insightful, anticipating our needs often before we even see the need --but this is certainly true and of great value!

Bjorn Hori, Engineer

Fission Labs has been an incredible development partner for my teams at multiple companies where I have led engineering and technology. I first used their services for the development of numerous back-end servers for HashThySelf, which resulted in a truly exceptional product allowing companies to index and search hundreds of millions of images in real time.
Today the same servers architected and built by Fission Labs are in production with little change on a massive scale, fielding upwards of billions of impressions per day. Fission has proved to be an invaluable partner in this respect, with a deep understanding of the technology stacks involved in a system, and a proven ability to execute on demand, in time and under budget. They are also able to carry on a meaningful and highly focused conversation with me and other US partners, in stark contrast with many other overseas consultants I have worked with. I have no hesitation in recommending them highly, and will no doubt use their services again in future. Feel free to contact me directly if you need any further information.

Anand Venkatraman,
HashThyself, VP Engineering 33 Across

Fission Labs is key to our success in getting our product developed effectively. They understand product development, startups, remote teams and work hard to enable the success of our engineering efforts. They excel in scalable cloud applications & analytics. The founders of the company proactively engage in exploring win-win relationships. I have been doing offshoring for nearly 15 years and Fission Labs is, by far, the best offshore product development services provider that I have worked with.

Naghi Prasad, CEO
Deep Forest Media

Fission Labs has been a great partner for us. When we lost our in-house app developer, your team quickly stepped in and helped us to successfully complete and launch our mobile app. Since its launch we have been ranked in iTunes as high as the #4 top social networking apps in the USA and are ranked in the top 300 social networking apps in over 60 countries. Thanks to you and your team for the excellent work!

Dean Rositano, CTO & President
Checkmate Mobile

We needed a development partner who could keep up with our fast paced, iterative, agile development process/needs for our CloudBioplatform. Fission team has done a tremendous job coming up to speed on this new domain quickly and helping speed up launch. Fission has not only done an excellent job with development activities but has added immense value with their expertise in cloud computing, AWS/EC2, scalability and performance tuning capabilities. I would highly recommend them.

Madhu Augustine, CEO