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Development Teams

Hire our remote software development team working exclusively for you. No additional expenses, no hustle, no hidden costs, and top-notch service to meet your business goals at all-inclusive rates.

Our augmented team model allows you to maximize the efficiency of your team.

Leverage our decade
of experience in software development

  • We offer not only resources but the collective team wisdom and expertise of the Fission Labs organization.
  • Cover skill gaps. Our expert TA team can meet the specific technical needs of your project.
  • You focus on the prodcut roadmap. Our team will take care of building it as per your vision.
  • Reduce costs. Our reasonable rates help you stay within budget without sacrificing quality.

A team build to fit your needs

  • Meet tight deadlines. Get the extra power you need to accelerate time-to-work.
  • Whether your development is open ended or fixed term, we can build the team you need.

Get team scalability at speed with control

  • Increase flexibility. Scale at any time to fill the changing demands of your project.
  • You retain total team control while taking advantage of the scalability and reduced administration.

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Fission Labs Augmented Team Work Flow

Our development process allows you to maximize the efficiency of your augmented team.

Development Best Practices are part of Life at Fission Labs

  • Consistent communication via Slack, Microsoft Teams and/or channel prescribed by our client
  • Distributed version control with Git
  • Estimation and tracking on Jira or on the tool subscribed by our client
  • Regular code reviews
  • Unit and integration tests and automated testing
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Documentation using Google Docs and / or the tool subscribed by our client

Continuous Professional Development and Improvement at Fission Labs

  • Our developers undergo continuous training in the newest languages, frameworks, and tools available
  • We have regular internal performance reviews with specific action points that help our team members grow
  • We provide support for our developers to attend technical meetups to learn more about the latest technology and connect with the tech community.
  • Regular communication training so that everyone has a high level of oral and written communication skills including English language proficiency.

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