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Home Buyers Platform For Real Estate Industry

Our client, the fast growing Silicon Valley startup, has its social media consortium for those countless home buyers keeping their wide-scale search for financial creditors and realtors for finding a dream home to live in.

To compete against thousands of online loan processing sites, the client decided to take Fission Labs’ end-to-end product development services to build a scalable homebuyers platform for attracting larger user groups.

Our engineering team helped the client to first identify the performance bottlenecks, establish new performance benchmarks, verify the improved solution of performance, and finally got it ready for deployment. We delivered a platform of the client’s choice that allows them to repeat this cycle at a high speed.

The Business Benefits Rendered

  • The overall project impacted the ROI by 65%.
  • Error rates were drastically reduced by 100%.
  • Robust tracking systems diminished physical human efforts by 95%.
  • The bidding function increased by 95%.
  • Ease of handling of large data improved by 90%.
  • The client’s ROI increased by 60%.
  • Gained fast user action capture rate up to 80%.
  • Machine run-time improved by 80%.

Salient Features of Home Buyers Platform

A wizard for tracking transaction history

Match customers function with the right party

Incorporate multi-party negotiation mechanism

And a lot more.