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Deep Forest Media. One of the most comprehensive DSP (Demand-side Platform)
for mobile advertisers

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Fission Labs designed solutions for DFM

  • Integrated online campaign management platform with ML
  • Cross-device algorithm to recognize user actions
  • Programmatic & robust tracking system
  • System to manage datasets & repository
  • Real-time bidding solution to support 100,000+ bids
  • Pictographic dashboard to offer a single-page-view of the data
client brief description

Advertising platform with machine learning

Deep Forest Media, acquired by Rakuten Inc. wanted to scale up its software strengths by creating a machine learning enabled Ad platform for empowering the actions of the mobile advertisers and cross-channel Ad campaigners.

client challenges

Machine Learning

At a stage, DFM expected such a technology partner who could intervene in the permitted areas

  • Build a solidified campaign management platform for seamless serviceability
  • Recognize & re-target the users & their actions
  • Keep a tab on number of conversions (installs, purchases, sign-ups)
  • Create a Real-Time bidding (RTB) solution
  • Add & execute vast datasets at terabyte scale
  • Validate the ordinal number of installs/user data for effective online advertising & marketing
  • Handle bids with latencies not exceeding beyond 100 milliseconds
  • Incorporate up to 100,000 bids in a still-second
  • Design a self-explanatory dashboard with pictographic representation of data

Tech Stack: Coos, Python, CDH5, Java, AngularJS, Spring, Hibernate, Google Robot Framework, DFM App, Web SDK etc.


A robust tracking platform

Fission Labs used mixed utility-sets and essential tools to design solutions:

  • with ML that does everything from letting the advertisers create large-scale marketing campaigns (web/mobile) to validate the desired marketing results
  • Created a program that recognizes user action with an efficiency to tab number of conversions (installs, purchases, sign-ups)
  • Devised a Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Solution across different AWS regions for universal availability
  • Used the universal cookies to maximize the power of the platform for handling challenging bidding processes to support 100,000+ bids queries per second (QPS)
  • Presented a platform capable of ingesting millions of events (bids, wins, clicks, installs, attributions, postbacks, etc.)
  • Provided a customer report using cloudera distribution for hadoop (CDH5) on a multi-node cluster of EC2 instances on AWS
  • Obtained a self-explanatory dashboard with pictograph representation of the customer data

The Big Benefit

  • Using the newly designed solution, the tendency to handle campaigns escalated by 95%
  • Overall project impacted the ROI by 65%
  • Robust tracking system diminished physical human efforts by 95%
  • Ease of handling of large data improved by 90%

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  • Gained fast user action capture rate up to 80%
  • Error rates drastically reduced by 100%
  • Bidding function increased by 95%
  • Client’s ROI increased by 60%
  • Machine run-time improved by 80%
“Fission Labs is key to our success in getting our product developed effectively"

They understand product development, startups, remote teams and work hard to enable the success of our engineering efforts. They excel in scalable cloud applications & analytics.

The founders of the company proactively engage in exploring win-win relationships. I have been doing offshoring for nearly 15 years and Fission Labs is, by far, the best offshore product development services provider that I have worked with.

Naghi Prasad
Naghi Prasad, Founder & CEO
Deep Forest Media

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