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Peel casestudy. Revolutionizing the way viewers watch television

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Fission Labs worked in the below areas

  • Created a far-reaching mobile app integrated with smart home appliances
  • Added Jenkins for automated deployment
  • Amazon EMR aided to support ML
  • Involved Amazon Kinesis to back millions of analytical events
  • Used fault-tolerant Apache Storm to run the Ad-campaigns
  • Merged device control & content discovery into a single system
  • Met all-time fast app record-release
client brief description

Turn Your Gadget into Smart Remote

Peel, an Alibaba-funded Silicon Valley startup had its dream to revolutionize the way modern television viewers’ operate TV and utility devices with the touch of the finger using smartphone.

client challenges

Scalable Application and Analytics System

Fission Labs partnered with Peel for developing a self-sustainable, and multi-purpose Android App to control the vast line of smart home devices.

Fission Labs Team elected by the Client to:

  • Scale & manage the cloud-based server apps
  • Merge multiple systems to create single system manageable by a single person
  • Model a user-centric mobile app that unites with multiple home devices
  • Effect auto-deployment using Jenkins
  • Perform architecture design for server-side
  • Work without the server support
  • Shift from IOS to Android OS
  • Manage millions of API calls per day
  • Set app response time lesser than 100 milliseconds
  • Conduct ML, big data processing, cluster computing, pattern recognition & target behavioral Ad-campaigning
  • Distribute static & dynamic web content to the users

tech stack: Elastic Compute Cloud, ElastiCache, Elastic Beanstalk, Elastic Load Balancing, RDS, DynamoDB, Simple Storage Service (S3), Simple Queue Service (SQS)

Simple Notification Service (SNS), Simple Email Service (SES), Auto Scaling, CloudFront caching service, Cloudwatch, Redshift, Elastic Map Reduce, Route 53, Kinesis etc.


Scalable platform built with Amazon Web Services

Peel had an idea of building a futuristic mobile app, and Fission Labs gave the shape to its plan.

Fission Labs designed the Platform using cost-effective AWS

  • A mechanized app build & organically installed on all the smartphones
  • Integration of Jenkins helped automate non-human part of the SDLC
  • Enabled App to communicate with millions of APIs posed by the users from 110+ territories
  • Selected an open-source framework for processing datasets, running ad-campaigns etc.
  • App Logs/Zombie depreciated by 90%
  • User issues resolved by 98%
  • User-base boosted by 90%
  • Universal Smart RC with infrared (IR) blaster picked sales above 75%
  • App retention rate rose by 80%
  • AWS cost reduced by 50%

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Incorporating the app in Peel Fruit (universal RC) for global public consumption was a great job done by Fission Labs that made the world enjoy benefits given below:

  • App performance improved by 95%
  • System’s response rate exceeded by 95%
  • Reaction time capped by 98%
  • System down time diminished by 90%
  • Apps Auto healing feature outstripped by 95%
  • App uptime bettered by 90%
“AWS has helped our business across the board for all of our features. We've had greater than ten-fold increase over last year in the number of our users and we’re continuing to grow.”

Director of Engineering and Cloud Architect

Building, scaling and boosting performance of Inzopa mortgage platform

We successfully deployed more than dozens of performance and scalability improvements to by utilizing the AWS-based development and staging environment—an indirect benefit of leveraging AWS.