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A leading User Identity platform

First in the industry to leverage AI, biometrics, and user behavior that identifies a user’s identity across physical and digital spaces

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Fission Labs built an Identity Platform App with the following features:

  • Works across platforms like Android and iOS.
  • Tracks, acquires, and optimizes user data.
  • Continuously monitors and analyzes user-behavior automatically across physical and digital space.
  • Determines the true identity of a user.
  • Identifies real-time security risk by verifying biometrics, behaviors, and interactions.
client brief description

A Leading User Identity Platform

Our client’s ambient identity platform is the industry’s first system to leverage AI, biometrics, and user behavior to provide a trusted user identity that can seamlessly migrate across digital and physical platforms

client challenges

Machine Learning

The client was looking for a technology partner that could optimize the quality of actionable insights. The challenges they faced were:

  • Low battery life.
  • Inadequate user behavior data from users’ smartphones.
  • Need to place all UI elements in the SDK to upload user behavior data to the server.
  • Generating actionable insights to know when and what batch size to upload.
  • Real-time tracking and analytics with AI and Machine Learning.
  • Absence of iOs app that will collect user behavior data.
  • ML algorithms to process sensor data, activity data, and battery data.
  • Geo-fencing for the SDK and actionable beacons.
  • Custom UI components development for SDK.

TECH STACK USED: Java, SQLite, Android SDK, Retrofit, Swift5, Core Data


Robust Identity Platform

Fission Labs built a robust Identity Platform with the following functionalities:

  • SDK elements were architected and implemented as per design patterns.
  • Collects user behavior data from mobile phones in the background with minimal battery usage.
  • Geo-fence, Beacons, Custom UI were implemented.
  • Background URL sessions are run in the background.

The Big Benefit

  • Reduced battery consumption levels.
  • Improved performance of the Application.
  • Reduction in the system`s CPU consumption.
  • Minimal OS resource utilized for a longer runtime.
  • Improved data collection and data transfer capabilities.
  • Seamless interactions between the digital and physical platforms.
  • Smooth switch between multiple geo-fences and physical doors.
  • Push notification interaction when the phone is locked.
  • Reduce the memory leaks.
  • Enabled communication from one app to another app using deep links.

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