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Fission Labs created a proprietary Call Marketing Platform that enabled the following:

  • racked, acquired, and optimized inbound call in a contact center solution
  • Delivered thousands of high intent inbound calls
  • Increased ROI of their advertisers
client brief description

Call-Based Marketing Provider

The client is a leading service provider in the Call Marketing space who was looking for a technical partner to help them develop an internal platform to optimize the quality of their inbound calls using call tracking, analytics, AI-powered call automation, and contact center services. The end goal was to have maximum ROI for each minute on the call.

client challenges

Data Analytics

The client needed insightful call tracking and analytics data for each call performance. They needed the following features:

  • To automate their operations and learn from previous calls
  • Actionable insights on scripts, call times, techniques to drive higher conversions
  • An effective and robust central call marketing platform
  • Scalability to support high volume of calls without quality drop
  • Reduction in the number of call drops
  • Rich insights on the type of keywords that drove call for different variables
  • An advanced text and chat tool along with voice capabilities

TECH STACK: Java, Angular JS, AWS cloud, Plivo, LUIS, Amazon Ivona, Proprietary Solutions


Tools to unify entire call marketing lifecycle

Fission Labs built an enterprise-grade call marketing platform that unified the whole process from the campaign and lead management, call routing to tracking and analytics on a single platform. Following is how we helped them:

  • Generated rich insights for advertisers and publishers to optimize call behavior and maximize ROI
  • Architected and implemented a scalable platform using Java for backend and Angular JS for front end
  • Improved data storage and flexibility with AWS powered cloud
  • With a proprietary routing algorithm for Voice Calls and SMS integrated with Plivo
  • Created a low cost, high-quality cloud-based calling solution
  • Leverage chat and text-based communications to cater to larger audiences who preferred text rather than voice calls
  • n Integrating WebSockets, Language Understanding Intelligent Service and Amazon Ivona (Now Amazon Polly)
  • With text to speech-based technology within the platform architecture.
  • By Designing and implementing Google AdWords integration to create a Search Keywords Analytics solution

The Big Benefit

  • A steady 10X increase in paying customer base
  • Speed of generating real-time call reports increased by 5X Improved quality of calls and higher customer satisfaction
  • Intelligent solutions fostering innovation with a widened customer base across different media

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“Fission Labs understood the exact pain points which we faced and created a feature-rich platform that solved each one"

They were very well versed with the latest technology stack that helped us solve our problems such as Plivo and Amazon Ivona. The tracking and analytics helped us hone and perfect our call behaviours to generate the maximum conversions for our clients. The best part is that ever since we’ve started using the platform, our qualified leads have a 15X higher conversion rate than web-based leads, making it the ultimate asset for any sales team.

-Solutions Head, Leading Call based Marketing firm

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