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A leading logistics company

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Fission Labs helped a leading logistics company in the following areas:

  • Developed an IoT-driven fleet management solution.
  • Predicted the delivery time precisely.
  • Removed ambiguity and bias in operations.
  • Monitored the entire operation process.
  • Viewed efficiency at a granular level.
  • Monitored each driver, each vehicle, and each route.
client challenges

Internet of Things

The client was looking for an IoT driven solution that used location-based services, sensors, and big data analytics to solve the following challenges:

  • Unoptimized utilization of drivers and vehicle fleet.
  • Delays due to vehicle breakdowns.
  • Lack of fuel efficiency increased the cost of operations.
  • Lack of scalability due to manual resource allocation and business processes.
client brief description

Innovative Logistic Service Provider

Our client is a leading logistic service provider that wanted to revolutionize the industry with disruptive technological implementations for faster and more efficient operations. They wanted a scalable, intelligent, and data-driven fleet management platform to deliver peak efficiency.

TECH STACK USED: Mongo DB, Angular JS, Android, Tomcat, Spring, AWS was used to achieve high scalability, reliability, and availability.


Effective Fleet Management Solution

Fission Labs built an effective IoT driven tracking platform by

  • Installing smart sensors in all fleet vehicles to track key variables such as GPS location, fuel consumption, air pressure to convey overall vehicle health.
  • Capturing and storing all sensor data in an easily searchable database.
  • Automating allocation of driver and vehicle pairings using an algorithm learning from past route performance to maximize route efficiency.
  • Tracing driver, vehicle, trip start, and trip ends to ensure complete accountability.
  • Developing smart dashboards and alert mechanisms to flag suspicious behavior.
  • Building Web and Mobile applications using Service Oriented Architecture to access all details on the go.


  • Prediction of pickup time and delivery time accuracy improved by 2X.
  • Idle time between trips decreased to a minimum by algorithmic assignment of tasks.
  • Improved the time taken per trip by always ensuring peak vehicle health and forewarning drivers to avoid breakdowns.
  • Reduction of costs incurred due to idling, lack of efficiency, resource underutilization.
  • Reduced cases of fuel theft and pilferage across the fleet.


Fission Labs instrumental in helping us optimize our fleet management and operations”

They had a clear roadmap for product development and a complete understanding of the effort required. They worked closely with our product team and took a detailed brief from our driver-partners about the issues they face on the road. They were able to create an exhaustive feature list that addressed our key problems and delivered the solution on schedule.

- Product Lead, Leading Logistics Firm

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