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Inzopa casestudy. The best way to find great local mortgage brokers
and real estate agents

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Fission Labs helped the client achieve:

  • Achieved latest version of social media consortium
  • Boosted search ranking
  • Quickened page load time
  • Robust negotiation mechanism
  • Progress the website user count (crowd sourcing)
  • Improved the online home buying experience
  • Secured network platform
  • Wizard for tracking transaction history
  • Amplify social reach for business excellence
client brief description

A Social Media Platform for Home Buyers

The fast growing Silicon Valley startup has its social media consortium for those countless home buyers keeping their wide-scale search for financial creditors and realtors for finding a dream home to live in.

client challenges

Performance and Scalability

To compete against thousands of online loan processing sites, client decided to get build a scalable homebuyers platform of performance and attract larger user groups.

Fission Labs Team was elected by the client to:

  • Heighten platform performance, availability & scalability
  • Make search engine faster for all
  • Reduced the page load time for quick serviceability
  • Build a wizard for tracking transaction history
  • Match customers with the right party
  • Incorporate multi-party negotiation mechanism

tech stack: Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon CloudFront, Simple Storage Services ISW, CloudWatch


Content Delivery

Delivered a lag-free and top graded content delivery network (CDN) solution using Amazon CloudFront and Amazon simple storage service for fast loading of the web pages (static files: JavaScript files, C55 files, images).

Rapid Development & Disposition

We helped client first identify the performance bottlenecks, establish new performance benchmarks, verify the improved solution of performance, and finally make it ready for deployment. We delivered a platform of the client’s choice that allow them to repeat this cycle with a high speed.

Window-view of Transaction History

Presented a complete eyeshot about the clients’ profiles, transactions, individual’s budget statistics on the site

Escalation of the Google Page Rank

Optimized website visibility using the sitemaps (Google search console or Google web master)

Improved Server Efficiency

With the progress of the business, the server’s skill to handle more pages & content increased

Multi-phase & Multi-party Negotiation System

Constituted an automated process that best match the client’s personal budget with that of the property price


Performance, Scalability & much more

  • CDN solution advanced the website speed & performance by 45%
  • Optimized page load time by at least 40%
  • Infrastructure cost optimized by 40%
  • Probability of matching the property dealers, resident buyers or vice versa increased by 45%
  • Inzopa’s business of high dollar value saw lesser customers churn of 80%
  • Upfront deal closures by the buyers maxed by 55%
  • lenders emailing efforts for gaining information reduced by 80%
  • Client’s privacy increased by 90%
  • Google search ranking rose up by 55%
  • Over-all solution offered user delight up to 60%
  • Unplanned downtime dropped by 90%

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