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Clinical Trial Platform

Our client is an industry leader in decentralized clinical trials. They modernize clinical research with solutions such as digital recruitment and patient engagement.

Fission Labs developed a virtual research platform for the client company. Designed around patient trials, the platform helps in optimizing engagement, improving data quality, and streamlining processes for accelerating productive operations.

Primarily intended to help reduce the study launch timelines and budgets through virtual visits, the platform also offers convenience to patients with a modern and technology-enabled experience.

The Business Benefits Rendered

  • The virtual research platform reportedly raised $50m in funding this year.
  • The client intends to use the funds for the expansion of operations and business reach.
  • The platform supports more than 100 decentralized studies with 40+ live studies in the first quarter of 2021.

Salient Features of the Platform

Enables Account Toggle - multiple participants login

Accelerates processes like Surveys, ePROs, eDROs, eConsents, and Electronic Data Capture

Helps in obtaining more accurate health metrics

Provides compatible third-part integration such as Spirometer, ResearchKit, and ResearchStack

Supports dynamic apps building based on configurations, participant registration following IRB process

And a lot more.