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Product development

Finding the right outsourced software development company

“The important thing about outsourcing or global sourcing is that it becomes a very powerful tool to leverage talent, improve productivity and reduce work cycles.” Azim Premji We could not have agreed to it more when we wrote our first blog- 5 Steps to Choose the Right Partner for Outsourced Product Development. Speaking from an […]

Software Testing

Performance Testing Services: The What, Why and How?

According to the latest report by Dunn&Bradstreet, 59% of Fortune 500 companies experience a downtime of 1.6 hours per week, which translates into a loss of $46 million per year when it comes to paying their employees during these issues. Add to it the loss the company may face at the customer side, similar to […]

Cloud management

Cloud Maturity Model – From Adoption to Transformation

Despite the growing awareness about cloud storage, many organizations still see migrating to the cloud as a challenge. Some companies have started the migration process but quit halfway due to the gross underestimation of the work required. Thus, the migration to the cloud is halted midway, before they can realize the major benefits it brings […]


Salesforce Classic vs. Lightning: A Glance at Comparison

Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning are two versions of the Salesforce CRM. If you are not aware, Salesforce provides CRM (customer relationship) entities with tools to record multidiscipline information and facilities for following, observing, and analysing data. In the CRM field, Salesforce services are a highly preferred asset. It is due to the ease of use and […]

Software Testing

How to Design the Right Strategy for Performance Testing?

Performance testing is basically a way to test the load capacity of a machine or a system. In other words, performance testing should provide developers with diagnostic information to eliminate challenges. Some of the common reasons why performance testing is done: Insufficient Hardware Resources: This is an important step in performance testing that reveals constraints […]

Big data analytics

Big Data and Blockchain- The Unstoppable Match

In this age of online data transfers, cybersecurity is of prime importance, especially for the fact that businesses are reported to have lost millions of dollars to even a small leak or a single data breach. Blockchain, a common name in the field of cryptocurrency is gradually seeping into the domain of Big Data (another […]

Cloud management

Reducing Your Azure Cost Seems Impossible? We’ve got Good News for you

Reducing Azure costs can really be challenging, especially if a business is completely dependent on the same. In 2017, ShareGate reportedly spent $250,000 on Azure, even with an Azure expert in the team. Experts believe that the costs spike due to cloud sprawl. Cloud sprawl is basically the uncontrolled proliferation of the cloud instances, services, […]

Extended Team

The Extended Team: The value addition model

Having the right people with the right skillset around is among the key challenges for the success of a startup. Yet, finding and hiring such talents is one of the most challenging tasks an entrepreneur will need to tackle, especially when considering the limitations of available local talent pool or time sensitivity. You can always […]

Mobile Application Development

Top 3 Resources to Learn About Mobile Application Development

If you’re thinking of becoming a mobile app developer, well then you couldn’t have chosen a better time. App developers are some of the highest-paid professionals today with an average salary of $ 84K per annually. If that isn’t exciting enough, the future only promises exponential growth as global mobile app revenue at $19.5 Billion […]

Mobile Application Development

Role of Dark Mode to Boost Engagement in Mobile Applications

Earlier this year, with the launch of iOS 13 and Android Q we saw dark mode being touted as a key functionality for both platforms. Other than making it more comfortable for users to use their phones at night, the functionality has a host of benefits when it comes to user experience. However, the main […]