An IoT-based Behavioral Ad Targeting Platform | Fission Labs

An IoT-based Behavioral Ad Targeting Platform

The client leveraged Fission Labs’ end- to- end product development services to launch an Ad Targeting mobile platform in the market that also offers universal smart remote capabilities to its users.

Fission Labs’ engineering team created a Behavioral Ad Targeting mobile application that captures and analyzes the data for in-depth business insights with the added capabilities to work as a universal smart remote for operating connected smart devices.

The Business Benefits Rendered

  • Real-time visualization of user activity across the globe region wise.
  • Insights were provided to help boost user retention. The client’ user base increased exponentially to 120 million + users.
  • User-specific targeting for multiple business campaigns.
  • Real-time analytics and actionable intelligence that resulted in quality user experience and increased revenues.

Salient Features of the IoT-based Behavioral Ad-Targeting Platform

Capture user activity of 120+ million users

Analyze the captured data for in-depth business insights

And a lot more.